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Fairfield Writers Group is a mix of beginner and experienced writers who meet the second and fourth Saturdays of the month at the Brisbane City Council Library in Fairfield Gardens Shopping Centre, Fairfield road, Fairfield, Queensland. Our passion is writing and we work hard at our craft. Our aim is to encourage, support and help each other to reach new heights in our writing. New members are always made welcome and usually whisked off to the local coffee shop at the end of meetings for sustenance and socialisation with the rest of the crew.

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Saturday, July 2, 2011



This policy was agreed on Saturday 7th May 2011 at a meeting of the Fairfield Writers Group 2011 Anthology Project participants.

Unless and until varied or amended by agreement, and with exceptions only as approved by agreement, this Policy shall apply to all stories contributed for publication in Fairfield Writers Group Anthologies from  January 1, 2011 onward.

Copyright shall be owned by and registered in the joint names of Fairfield Writers Group (“the Group”) and each individual author whose work is included in an Anthology.


2.1.          All rights to the publication shall rest with Fairfield Writers Group, whose current active members from time to time shall have the right to determine when, by what methods, and on what terms the book —in its entirety —may be published, republished, copied, gifted  or distributed.

2.2.          All decisions made by the group shall, as far as reasonably practical, be made in consultation with and with consideration for the wishes of the contributors to the particular Anthology edition(s) affected by the decision.

2.3.          Any decision to submit the Anthology, in its entirety, for republication or contest entry where such submission requires an agreement to grant rights or limit further republication or distribution shall be made by majority vote of those participating authors who are still contactable, or, if less than 50% or participating authors are still contactable, by majority vote of the current members of Fairfield Writers Group.

A decision to submit is a decision to accept the stated terms of submission and comply with all requirements of the publisher/contest organizer.

One or more individuals elected by a majority vote of those participating authors who are still contactable, or, if less than 50% or participating authors are still contactable, by majority vote of the current members of Fairfield Writers Group, shall be authorised to sign Agreements on behalf of the Group. Following signing of any Agreement by a duly authorized party, all authors accept the all terms stated in the signed Agreement.


3.1.          No royalties or fees are payable by Fairfield Writers Group or any other person or entity to any contributor to an Anthology  project.

3.2.          All work performed by members in relation to the Anthology is performed voluntarily. Except as otherwise from time to time agreed, payment to members shall be restricted to reimbursement of pre-approved expenses actually incurred.

3.3.          Any royalties, fees or other prizes payable or receivable for republication or distribution and any competition prize awarded for the book (‘benefits’) shall belong to Fairfield Writers Group and the Group shall be entitled to determine use/distribution of such benefits, PROVIDED THAT where benefits are to be distributed between members, such benefits shall be shared equally by the participating authors, and in the event that a participating author is no longer contactable, their share shall become the property of Fairfield Writers Group.

3.4.          Any profits from sale or distribution of the book may be shared among members in accordance with policies determined from time to time by the Group, or retained to fund future Anthology or other projects that the Group may, from time to time, decide to undertake.


Rights to individual stories included in an Anthology shall rest jointly with Fairfield Writers Group and the author of the story. By submitting a story for publication in an Anthology, authors agree that:

4.1.          Fairfield Writers Group shall have first publication rights. The story submitted will be the author’s own original work and will not have been previously published in any manner whatsoever, nor submitted to any contest or for publication in any other  manner prior to publication of the Anthology.

4.2.          Authors acknowledge that their first loyalty in relation to stories published in the Anthology is to the Group, and story use shall be limited to usage that does not negatively impact on marketing opportunities for the Anthology.

4.3.          Any author submitting a story to a competition or for publication, distribution or copying following publication of the Anthology agrees to inform the group of their intentions prior to submission, invite feedback, and respect the wishes and desires of the group when making final decisions.

4.4.          Where appropriate or requested, and particularly if entering a story in a competition, authors shall acknowledge any significant contribution by mentor(s).

4.5.          Members agree that individual stories shall not be published on Internet blog sites, forums, or contributor or ‘club’/group sites or otherwise on the Internet except on approved commercial publishing terms.

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