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Fairfield Writers Group is a mix of beginner and experienced writers who meet the second and fourth Saturdays of the month at the Brisbane City Council Library in Fairfield Gardens Shopping Centre, Fairfield road, Fairfield, Queensland. Our passion is writing and we work hard at our craft. Our aim is to encourage, support and help each other to reach new heights in our writing. New members are always made welcome and usually whisked off to the local coffee shop at the end of meetings for sustenance and socialisation with the rest of the crew.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010



Oh! My beautiful dancing bear

What have they done to you?

I remember when you danced free

Pirouetting through the forest

Like a ballet dancer

Graceful and agile

Thick, luxuriant coat, gleaming eyes

A confident demeanour

Then they came – they took you

You’re freedom gone forever

Trapped in a concrete enclosure

You sway and pace with lack-lustre eyes

My heart breaks

Children watch with fascination

They don’t know what is was you came from –

A paradise where you were free

Now a butterfly trapped in a spider’s web – my beautiful

Dancing bear

In the hands of humans I cry for you

And wish your death to come quickly

You would be better off

Yes, better off!

© Carol Jell June 2010

Quote of the Month

              Success and failure are equally disastrous.
                          ~ Tennessee Williams

Newsletter - June 2010

Newsletter - June 2010 Fairfield Writers Group
Website http://fairfieldwritersgroup-queensland.blogspot.com

Meeting Fairfield Writers Group,
12 June 2010 Exercises Group

Present: Pam, Carol, Findlay, Helga, Cecilia, Rosemary,Yolanda, and new member, Jennifer.

• Chairing this meeting: Rosemary

• Assignment this month: Story based on journal/diary writing
Findlay read out his story. This was a real treat as it was based on a Scottish character and Findlay brought a wonderful authenticity to the reading.

• This month’s submission to the blog: poem by Carol

• Exercise for July: My Holiday – details sent separately by Carol

• Exercise for August: to be submitted by Helga

Meeting Fairfield Writers Group,
26 June 2010 Novel/Short Stories Group

Present: Anna, Findlay, Helga, Carol
Apologies: Jennifer

Even though we were small in numbers, we had a very productive meeting followed by the usual gathering at the coffee shop.

Helga brought along an excerpt from her novel for us to read. The novel is growing nicely and I suspect that Helga will be the first to complete a full-length novel in our group. Good on you, Helga!

Findlay’s short story was set in China aptly named ‘China Doll’. The story was brought about by his recent travels in China and I hope we will be treated to more of these in the future.

We critiqued a re-write of Anna’s children’s story that she will be self-publishing soon. It’s a delight to read with plenty of scope for lots of illustrations. I’m looking forward to seeing the published book.

Finally, I took to the meeting a poem called ‘A Dancing Bear’ which resulted from a writing workshop that I attended, put on by the Society of Women Writers. Ynes Sanz was the poet who ran the workshop. It was wonderful and I came away inspired.


Next meetings:

Exercises Group 10 July 2010

Novel/Short Stories Group 24 July 2010

Exercise for August

Suggestion for August assignment:

Write a poem or very short story with Christmas as the theme.

I would collate them, insert some Christmassy sketches and produce a little booklet.

It would make a present for someone or just a keepsake for our little group.

Writing Tips On..........POETRY

                 37 Ways to Write Poetry

Ways to write good poetry

1. Have your syllables, words and stanzas flow.
2. Start a new stanza when a change of idea, rhythm or rhyme occurs.
3. Create natural rhymes.
4. Do not rhyme.
5. Create emotion.
6. Say nothing more than what needs to be said.
7. Write about life.
8. Write about nature.
9. Give details.
10. Don't be shy to write something personal.
11. Study and imitate other poets.
12. Try different styles.
13. Variate your words.
14. Write about a controversial subject.
15. Tell a story.
16. Write a song.
17. Use a thesaurus.
18. Try different types of meter rhymes.
19. Try different types of vowel rhymes.

Use elements of poetry

20. Use metaphors.
21. Use similes.
22. Use assonance.
23. Use onomatopoeias.
24. Use alliteration.

Use the five senses

25. Create a sense of smell.
26. Create a sense of taste.
27. Create an image.
28. Create sound.
29. Create touch.

Ways to write bad poetry

30. Write about a boy or girl who you like but likes another girl who likes some other guy that likes you but you don't like him.
31. Try to rhyme every sentence.
32. Try to rhyme words just for the sake of rhyming them.
33. Write a three line poem, regardless of how many syllables or words are used, and claim it as Haiku.
34. Write a four line poem and claim it as Haiku.
35. Write a story but make a new line after every sentence.
36. Write a poem and don't create lines or stanzas.
37. Write about an honor you received that no one else cares about.


Coming Events.......

•(Australia) Mildura Writers Festival - 15 to 18 July 2010. Part of the Mildura Wentworth Arts Festival. Mildura, Victoria.

•(Australia) Byron Bay Writers Festival - 6 to 8 August 2010. Byron Bay, New South Wales.

•(Australia) Romance Writers of Australia National Conference - 13 to 15 August 2010. Crowne Plaza, Coogee, New South Wales.

•(Australia) Australian Children's Book Week - 21 August to 27 August 2010 - The theme for 2010 is across the story bridge. For information on the winning books and costumes that celebrate characters from children's books see our BCL Book Week page

•(Australia) WA Spring Poetry Festival - 27 to 29 August 2010. Organised by The WA Poets Inc.

•(Australia) Melbourne Writers' Festival - 27 August to 5 September 2010.

•(Australia) Brisbane Writers Festival - 1 to 5 September 2010. Local, national and international writing. Various activities located in the State Library of Queensland and outdoors in the area between the Gallery of Modern Art and the State Library buildings.State Library of Queensland, Brisbane.

•(Australia) Aussiecon4 - 2 to 6 September 2010. The World Science Fiction Convention, operating under the name, Aussiecon4, as this is the fourth time it has exhibited in Australia. A science fiction convention that aims to bring together fans, writers, readers, artists, publishers and more. Melbourne Convention and Entertainment Centre.

•(Australia) Children's and Young Adult Writers Conference - 4 September 2010.

•(Australia) Melbourne Writers' Festival - 27 August to 5 September 2010.

•(Australia) Write Around the Murray Festival - 8 to 12 September 2010 - in Albury, New South Wales.

•(Australia) Overload Poetry Festival - 10 to 19 September 2010. Aims to promote Melbourne's poetry scene.                                          

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Writing the Big Dramatic Moment? Show Me

Writing the Big Dramatic Moment? Show Me