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Fairfield Writers Group is a mix of beginner and experienced writers who meet the second and fourth Saturdays of the month at the Brisbane City Council Library in Fairfield Gardens Shopping Centre, Fairfield road, Fairfield, Queensland. Our passion is writing and we work hard at our craft. Our aim is to encourage, support and help each other to reach new heights in our writing. New members are always made welcome and usually whisked off to the local coffee shop at the end of meetings for sustenance and socialisation with the rest of the crew.

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Thursday, August 4, 2011




                                                  9th of July 2011

Present: Anna, Helga, Jennifer, Lorraine, Maarten
Absent: Findlay and Lou.
Chairing this meeting: Anna
Taking minutes this meeting: Anna

The following key points were discussed in this meeting:


Cover design
·          A few minor changes were done to the cover design.
·          Helga has done a wonderful job despite not having a computer.

Action:        Lorraine will email final cover design.
·         Most of the editing has been done.
Action:        Lorraine will now go over the final editing.
·          Members have agreed that marketing is now top priority.
·          All marketing will be done by September as the book launch is to be on the
       15th of October 2011.
Members will rally support for the book. Members will approach post offices, newsagencies etc to put up our posters. 
The first poster which will be put up in the next few weeks –it is general information about the group and advertising the anthology book.

Second Poster will be put up in September and this will be advertising the launch of the book.
In thank you for their support we will include their business in the book.
The following is a list of members and their chosen venue

Post Office

Kremer Coffee Shop

Anytime Fitness

Post Office


Post Office

Contact Michelle

Coffee Shop

Copy Shop

Centre Management

Post Office

Mt Gravatt
Book/Coffee shop near Harvey Norman

Forest Lake
Post Office

Writers Groups

Action:      All members to approach appropriate businesses for support.
Action:      Lou to provide marketing project plan.
Guest Speaker
·         Fairfield Library will invite Estelle Penny to be a guest speaker at the book launch.
            Action:  Linda at Fairfield Library to advise.

Mission Statement
·         It was voted that our mission statement should be:
 To build the skills and confidence of local writers, and community appreciation of their talents.
About the Authors page
  • Comments from the last anthology about who we are as a group and how and why we worked together to produce this collection came up.
  • Also some people would be more supportive if they understood that some writers are beginners and that this is a group formed to support the development of local writing talent.
  • Information about the group will be included.
Action: Lorraine to email a draft for voting
  • Remaining payment for participating in the anthology will be collected on the 13th of August meeting.

  • Payment can be done by cash, cheque or direct deposit
Next Anthology Meeting: Saturday 13 August 2011
9.30am at the back of the Fairfield Library

                        FAIRFIELD WRITERS’ GROUP MEETING
Unscheduled 23rd of July 2011

Present: Anna, Helga, Lorraine, Maarten, Findlay and Lou.
Absent: Jennifer
Chairing this meeting: Anna
Taking minutes this meeting: Lou
The following key points were discussed in this meeting:
Update on marketing plan
  • List of places to promote and / or distribute (sell) has been sent by Anna by email

  • List is going in anthology to acknowledge those who assisted with launch or stocked the anthology for sale, as a thanks for helping out

  • Lou has draft marketing plan including media releases as per the Arts Queensland media release guidelines

  • Lou flagged we all need to be clear on what each member is doing and by when, lest we double up on contacting guests and special guests for the launch
Update on speakers for launch:
  • Nicole Johnson, local member with BCC, is not booked
-          Maarten volunteered; will make appointment at ward office
-          Lorraine to follow up with letter and copy of book
  • Proposed to hold launch at10:30am at Fairfield Library
-          Anna to confirm time with librarian, Linda
  • Local author Estelle Pinney has been contacted for interest in launching the anthology
-        Lorraine to write to Nicole and Estelle
-        drafts to be sent to members first; comments invited back and then will forward on to each
  • Estelle and Nicole need guidelines / speaker's notes on what to say at the launch
-        Lorraine to prepare speaker's notes for each
-        Limit self-promotion of Estelle's own work and book
-        Suggestion for Estelle to read Lorraine’s story about the flood at launch; agreed
-        Anna to brief Estelle on launch guidelines
  • Extra items for launch update:
-        Each member to print their own copy of the posters for launch and use when speaking with retailers
-        'Big' posters will be distributed about launch begin October (2 weeks before launch – beginning of October)
Update on proof copy:
-        Helga and Lorraine congratulated on proof copy
-        Helga provided editorial feedback
-        All copyediting to be sent to Lorraine either marked up in PDF, or printed and hand written
-        Lorraine to receive declaration by 2 August
-        Final payment for anthology due – cash, cheque or by deposit to FWG account
Action Items:
Lou to send marketing plan and list of publications to send media releases to FWG anthology members by Wednesday 27 July
Lou to follow up with Avid Reader (events@avid.com.au) for Tuesday 18th October or Thursday 20th October for launch at store
Helga to send Lou jpeg of logos for media release templates
Lorraine to email / send to writing groups of our book launch
Lorraine to correct spell error on list in anthology for Avid Reader (Readers should be Reader)
Next Anthology Meeting: Saturday 13 August 2011
                 9.30am at the back of the Fairfield Library

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