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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Anthology Newsletter 9th of April 2011

9th of April 2011

Present: Anna, Helga, Jennifer, Lorraine, Lou, Maarten


Chairing this meeting: Anna
Taking minutes this meeting:Lorraine

The following key points were discussed in this meeting:

1.       Book Cover Design
The group agreed on a front cover design, thanked Helga for her hard work, and complimented her talent.  Lorraine advised that her husband would calculate the spine width and complete the side panel design and full cover print file.
Helga showed her idea for the back cover, featuring short log lines. Lorraine offered to complete the back cover design and the group authorised her to edit/abbreviate log lines as necessary to fit the available space.
The group complimented Helga on her well-written short log lines and thanked her for investing the time to write these.

2.       Book Format
The group agreed to keep the format the same as the 2009 Anthology, using similar layouts for the Title Page, Contents, Acknowledgements, page numbering, and first pages of stories.  It was agreed that the Bios should be in the back as before.
Time breaks in stories are to be marked with three asterisks centred and a blank line above and below.

3.       Mentoring
Members swapped mentors to achieve the benefit of a fresh perspective on their writing.  Mentors are listed on the top line of the table below and the writer they are to assist is shown on the second row:


Members are asked to locate their name on the bottom row and send their story to the person whose name appears above theirs.
If you do not receive a story in your email soon, please locate your name in the top row and send a request email to the person whose name appears below yours, reminding them that you are their mentor and are waiting to receive their story for comment.
4.       ISBN
The group agreed Lorraine should purchase the ISBN and Bar Code through her publishing company and Rainbow Works Pty Ltd would again be listed as the publisher of the Anthology.  Estimated cost: $90.  Lorraine will provide an invoice for Carol to reimburse once the transaction is complete.
5.       Ebook
Lorraine advised some options for ebook publishing.  No cost to publish a version that can be freely copied and distributed.  A protected version may cost approx. $100 to publish.  Lorraine advised that she can arrange eStore distribution and if the group sets a price on the ebook, other distributors such as Amazon may stock it in their stores also.  A price of $5 was discussed favourably.  No decision was made on this but the matter was referred for more detailed discussion at the next project group meeting.
6.         Copyright ownership
Lou asked about copyright ownership and possible publication of stories separately, noting that some readers of electronic publications may want to buy/read specific stories, but not the entire book. Lorraine advised that the Anthology copyright is held jointly by FWG and all authors, with each author owning the copyright to their story. Therefore, in theory each author may use their story however they choose.  It was noted, however, that stories that have been published generally cannot be entered into competitions and are often precluded from submission to other publishers. Further, it was noted that publishing stories individually may have a negative impact on marketing of the Anthology.
The group agreed to come to an informal agreement on the use of individual stories by their authors
7.         Story Sequence
Discussion of the sequencing of stories in the book was deferred until the next meeting.
8.         Marketing
It was decided that due to time restrictions, discussion of marketing should be deferred until next meeting.  Lou expressed concern that the discussion is repeatedly being deferred and there is a need to finalise marketing plans and commence marketing.
9.         Next meeting
It was noted that the Project Plan contained a date error with respect to the next meeting.  Lou advised that she was not available on the second Saturday in May, and as Lou is the marketing manager and because there appeared to be lengthy discussion needed on marketing, it was decided to convene a special Anthology Project Group Meeting commencing at 10 am on May 7.  This will enable members to engage in lengthy discussions without the time restrictions imposed by meeting before regular FWG meetings.
10.       Agenda items for next meeting:
Story sequencing
eBook creation and distribution
Marketing and promotion
Library launch (see note below)
Copy for Acknowledgements page
            Agreement on copyright and story usage

DATE:  MAY 7,M 2011     
TIME:    10 AM  
Note:  At the FWG meeting following this meeting, Anna advised that the library will be re-opening in May and is holding a gala launch event.  Anna will discuss with library staff the possibility of using this event to publicize FWG and the Anthologies; sell the 2009 Anthology, promote and pre-sell the 2011 Anthology, and hand out invitations to the 2011 Anthology launch.  Launch date will therefore need to be set in time to print posters and invitations before the library event.

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