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Fairfield Writers Group is a mix of beginner and experienced writers who meet the second and fourth Saturdays of the month at the Brisbane City Council Library in Fairfield Gardens Shopping Centre, Fairfield road, Fairfield, Queensland. Our passion is writing and we work hard at our craft. Our aim is to encourage, support and help each other to reach new heights in our writing. New members are always made welcome and usually whisked off to the local coffee shop at the end of meetings for sustenance and socialisation with the rest of the crew.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Exercise For July

Writing Exercise for July 2010 – Fairfield Writers Group

Remember when you were at school and after the holidays one of the first things that the teacher asked you to do was to write about ‘My Holidays’?

Well, that’s what your exercise is this month.

Write a short story (limit 1200 words approx.) about a holiday, or an episode from a holiday.

It should be told in the first person, hence the title, MY Holiday.

Other than that, let your imagination take you wherever you or your lead character want/s to go.

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