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Fairfield Writers Group is a mix of beginner and experienced writers who meet the second and fourth Saturdays of the month at the Brisbane City Council Library in Fairfield Gardens Shopping Centre, Fairfield road, Fairfield, Queensland. Our passion is writing and we work hard at our craft. Our aim is to encourage, support and help each other to reach new heights in our writing. New members are always made welcome and usually whisked off to the local coffee shop at the end of meetings for sustenance and socialisation with the rest of the crew.

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Monday, May 31, 2010

Newsletter-May 2010

Exercise Group- 12th June 2010
Novel/Short Stories Group-26th June 2010

In this Issue:
Minutes on Meeting-Exercise Group
A few of the points-
Marketing of Fairfield Writers Group
Set up of a book club
Exercise for June
Story of the month
Hand over of secretarial duties
Author talk


Report: meeting of Fairfield Writers Group, 8 May 2009
Present: Carol, Helga, Rosemary, Findlay, Cecilia (new member).
Apologies: Lorraine, Anna, Rachel, Yolanda

1. Helga has printed a number of A5 sized sheets which advertise the Fairfield Writers Group. They can be distributed at the presentation on 22 May as well as being available to ongoing marketing of the group.

2. Pam’s idea of members sharing their thoughts, from a writer’s perspective, about books they had been reading, was endorsed and it was agreed that this activity could be included in discussion at the coffee shop after the meeting - making it an informal element of the group’s discussion. (Members could highlight passages or aspects of the book which they particularly liked/disliked.)

3.  June exercise Anna
   July exercise Rosemary

1. May exercise Lorraine

Helga’s story to be placed on the blog this month.

Carol to read aloud her story: ‘Maddie and Mackie go to the beach’.

2. Carol needs to hand over her secretarial duties to other members. She is happy to continue as Treasurer.

The following tasks already have volunteers

Managing the FWG blog

Anna has agreed to take over

Answer any new member telephone enquiries

Anna already has her name as contact; Findlay volunteered to be a contact as well.

Copy and paste minutes of both FWG meeting reports into newsletter template

Rosemary volunteered to take this over from June.

The tasks below still need a person to take over:

Forward Queensland Writers Center magazine, and any other relevant information that comes via FWG’s email address to members. Forward FWG Newsletter to members at end of each month.

Maintain list of members email addresses
Check FWG’s emails every day or so. Email: Fairfield_writers@yahoo.com.au
Answer any prospective new member email enquiries
Email ‘Welcome Letter’ to each new member
Email monthly writing exercise to members directly after the Exercises meeting
Keep Australian Writer’s Market Place Online details for FWG up to date



Apologies: Yolanda
Present: Cecilia, Karen, Anna, Findlay, Helga, Lorraine, Pam, Rosemary, Carol

There was no Novel/Short Stories Group meeting today. We were treated instead to an author talk by Estelle Pinney, author of Time out for Living, House on the Hill and her latest novel, Burnt Sunshine. The talk was kindly organised by the Fairfield Library for us and was also open to members of the public.

Estelle gave a most interesting talk about her varied paths in life and how she came to be a writer. She also told us how the characters in her books developed.

Estelle is a delight to listen to and all our members enjoyed her talk very much. A few of us bought her books and the library put on a delicious morning tea.

I will write a letter on behalf of FWG to Linda at the library thanking her for organising the talk for us.

Please check out our blog http://fairfieldwritersgroup-queensland.blogspot.com There are some interesting posts on novel writing, literary agents, and a video on show don’t tell, plus more.

Until the next meeting, happy writing everyone.


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